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The Axxessory Talk Voice Mail System is so much more than just voice mail.  With it's total digital integration with the AXXESS Telephone System, this one of a kind platform is capable of any application.   Some of it's advanced features include Automated Attendant, Voice Mail, Call Routing Announcements, Visual Mail (pictured below), Fax on Demand, Port Capacity from 4 to 32 Channels, 1000 Mailboxes, 150 Applications, 500 Custom Recordings, Group List Mailboxes (record one message and it is delivered to everyone flagged to receive it), 4 different delivery options (General, Private, Priority, Certified) for messages, Pager Notification and Remote Messaging, Multi Language Support, Windows NT Integration, Windows Based Programming, and System Administration Features.  Some additional hardware may be required for such things as Fax on Demand and Port Expansion.

All of Inter-Tel's Voice Mail Systems are PC based and look similar to the one pictured below.  Each system has it's own unique features and characteristics depending on the software version and the feature packages.  Below you will find a listing of all the systems and their features:

Inter-Tel IVX 500 and Axxessory Talk Voice Mail Systems


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3 Com NBX Buisness Telephone

IVX 500 Voice Processing

The IVX 500 Voice Processing System is fully compatible with the following Inter-Tel Telephone Systems:  IMX2448, IMX1224/2460, IMX256, IMX416/832, GMX-48, GMX-152d, GMX-256, GMX-416/832, GLX-Plus, AXXESS, AXXENT, Premier's ESP, ESPMDX and ESPDX Systems.  Features include Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, Call Routing Announcements, Fax on Demand, Port Capacity 4 to 24 Channels, System Administrator Features, 25 Applications, 500 Custom Recordings, 100 Group Lists, 500 Mailboxes and or Extension ID's, Pager Notification and Remote Messaging, and 4 Different Delivery Options (General, Private, Priority, Certified).

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