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Inter-Tel AXXESS/AXXENT Questions

1 I can not place or answer a call unless I hit my speaker key?

2 Others co-workers used to be able to ring right through to my Ext. and talk; now I have to pick up the handset to be connected to them.

3  My conversation is cutting in and out when I am on my handset.

4 My phone dies and them comes back on.

5 I get shocked in my ear and my phone goes dead.

6 My phone used to ring on incoming calls but now only my line keys flash.

7 Can I forward my Extension to an outside phone number?

8 What is the QUE button for on my phone?

9 I can not hear the person I am talking to when I am on my handset.

10 The person I am talking to says I sound distant or can't hear me at all.

11 My Phone is filthy is there any way to clean it without damaging it?

12 Can I change the time on my phone and voice mail?

13 I forget my password to my voice mail box.

14 How do I change my companies recordings?

15 How do I place a conference call?

16 Can I utilize a headset with my phone?

17 My system is stuck in night mode how do I get it out?

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