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Inter-Tel ESP Answers

1You may have your headset enabled on your phone. 
Place phone in cradle and press the SPCL  Key on the phone. Now type 316 to disable. 

2You may have your handsfree disabled and your ring intercom always enabled. Place phone in cradle and press the SPCL Key on the phone. Now type 311 to enable handsfree. Repeat above procedure and type 368 to cancel ring intercom always.

3You may have a bad handset cord. Try replacing it with a new one. If the problem persists call a technician. 

4You may have a bad line cord. Make sure you use a six conductor reversing line cord when replacing the cord. If the problem persists call a technician.  

5Mix a bottle of two parts water and one part fabric softener and spray on the carpet in and around you work area, this will combat the static electric build up in your work area.

6You may have removed yourself from the hunt group you were in. Place phone in cradle and press the SPCL Key on the phone. Now type 323 to accept hunt group calls.

7Yes, but first make sure that you are not in a hunt group because forwarding your phone anywhere will take you out of the hunt group.  Press your FWD key then your Outgoing Key then dial the phone number you want to forward to and press the SPKR key. To cancel forwarding simply press your FWD key then your SPKR key.

8The QUE button is used when trying to access an outside line, internal EXT #, or voice mail port that is busy. When you here the internal busy signal press the QUE key and as soon as the person, line or port becomes available your phone will ring, when you pick it up you will automatically be connected to the VM, Person or line.

9You probably have a bad handset and will need to contact your vendor to replace it.

10You probably have a bad handset and will need to contact your vendor to replace it.

11Yes, first unplug your phone from the wall, spray some Windex onto a cloth or paper towel (DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ONTO THE PHONE!!), gently wipe down the surface of the phone, handset and cradle, when phone is dry plug it back into the wall. For a complete overhaul of your phone call your vendor.

12Yes follow these steps:

1.Go to the administrators phone usually extension 100 
2.While on hook press 021 
3.If you wish you may re-enter the date or press # to skip to the time. 
4.You will then be prompted to enter the time 
5.Enter the new time in hours and minutes i.e. 0900 for 9:00 
6.The system will then ask you to press
* for AM or # for PM. 

For the Voice Mail:

1.Dial into the voice mail system 
2.Log into the System Administrators Mailbox 
3.Press 9 for System Administrator features 
4.Press 5 to change the date and time 
5.Enter the date and press pound(#) 
6.The system will ask you to press 1 for AM and 2 for PM 
7.Next enter the date when finished press pound(#) 
8.The system will tell you that it saved the information. 

13See your system administrator to reset the password. If you are the system administrator go into the voice mail system and log into the administrator mailbox, once in the mailbox press 9 for admin. features and then 2 for mailbox and group list programming, enter the mailbox number to change, press 4 for personal options and 3 to change the password, enter the password then press pound(#) you will hear a prompt telling you your new password then press pound(#) to save it. 

14Log into the administrators mailbox. Press 9 for admin.
features and 3 for custom recordings. You will hear please enter the recording number, start with recording 03 and continue on up to 50 until you find the recording you want to change (the system will play each recording as you enter the number. If it is not the recording you want to change press pound (#) to save it). When you find the recording you wish to change press 3 to erase and re-record it. When finished recording press pound, at this point you can listen to it by pressing 1 if you don't like it press 3 to re-record it and when you are happy with your recording press pound(#) until the system says recording saved. 

15First get the first party on the line by either answering a call or placing a call. Next press the CNF. button on your phone (This puts caller on hold). Now get the next party on the phone (Can also be an internal EXT) and press the CNF. Repeat these steps up to 4 times (Note that the quality of the conference call decreases for every additional person added to the conference).  Once you have EVERYBODY on conference hold press the conference key one last time to bring everybody together.

16Yes, first plug your headset into the base of the phone (where the handset cord is) then plug the handset into the base of the headset (usually clearly marked with a handset symbol) make sure the switch on the base of the headset is towards the headset wording or symbol. Put the headset on and put the handset in it's cradle on the phone. Now press the SPCL Key on the phone and type 315 to turn on the headset (you will hear a tone in the headset). To disable the headset press the SPCL key on the phone and type 316. (Note you must press the Answer key to answer the phone and you must press the SPKR key to hang up.)

17Place handset in it's cradle press the SPCL Key then dial 010, again, this can only be done at the main phone, usually EXT # 100. 


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