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Maintenance Contracts

Corporate Communications will issue yearly maintenance contracts for the following systems:

  • 3 Com NBX 100/25 LAN Based Telephony Systems
  • BizFon 680 Business Telephone System
  • Inter-Tel AXXESS and AXXENT Business Telephone Systems
  • Inter-Tel ESP 1224/2460 Business Telephone Systems
  •  Inter-Tel ESPMDX Business Telephone Systems
  •  Inter-Tel INT256 Business Telephone Systems
  • Inter-Tel IVX 500 Voice Mail Systems
  •  AVT Voice Mail Systems
  • Inter-Tel Peripheral Products (Headsets etc.) 
  • Windows NT Networks
  • Windows 95/98 Networks

Key Benefits

  • Provides Piece of Mind in knowing that your equipment is covered.

  • Saves money in costly repairs or replacement of malfunctioning equipment.

  • All equipment that malfunctions during the period covered by the contract will be repaired or replaced free of charge.  This includes any labor involved!!!

  • Our per station rate for a yearly contract is significantly lower than most of our competitors.  We take great strides in keeping the cost of this service down and have no intentions of raising our rates every year, the way all of our competitors do.

  • A pre-contract inspection of all equipment will be performed free of charge so that both parties are aware of any possible malfunctions prior to entering the agreement.


Corporate Communications will provide service to it's customers no later than 24 hours from the time we are notified of the pending problem.  We will provide 4 hour emergency service from the time we are notified to those who experience major system failures.  Any Adds,Moves or Changes to the system will be performed within 48 hours from the time we are notified of the request.  Adds, Moves and Changes are not covered under the maintenance agreement and are billable at the then prevailing rate of Corporate Communications and Data Systems,Inc.

Our technicians have a minimum of five years experience in the industry and are all certified in the above listed systems.  We pride ourselves on this fact and are always striving to exceed our customers and our own expectations of what quality, customer oriented service is in this industry should be.


Reference Accounts

Due to the competitive nature of this industry and the need for some people to make money selling customers to various lists, references will be furnished upon request.   We do this to protect our customers from being solicited by our competitors and Tele-marketers that may gain access to our customer list.  For no reason will we allow our customers to be sold or subject to these unwanted solicitations and any information provided as a reference account will be done so in the strictest of confidentiality.

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