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Inter-Tel Axxess

Inter-Tel's fully digital AXXESS system is designed to provide the foundation for all current and future Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) solutions. The AXXESS system conforms to both CTI industry standard protocols, TAPI and TSAPI. AXXESS' open design, tightly integrated voice processing technology, advanced applications and networking capabilities are setting an industry standard. With AXXESS digital PBX networking, users seamlessly link two or more systems to operate as one, increasing your system capacity up to 5,000 devices in 21 locations. In the future, your AXXESS network will be able to expand to 64 locations and 20,000 devices. To meet the needs of international business, the AXXESS system supports languages other than English. Currently, voice prompts and LCDs can be switched from English to Japanese and additional languages are planned for the future.

Inter-Tel Axxess with Executive, Standard and Basic Telephones!

 AXXESSORY Talk offers integrated voice processing capabilities such as voice mail, automated attendant, and custom call routing. AXXESSORY Talk's advanced capabilities include the ability to record a call to a voice mailbox and set up a fax library for frequently requested documents. Also, Inter-Tel's voice processing platform supports centralized voice processing in a networked environment. All of the benefits of AXXESSORY Talk are available across the network. AXXESSORY Talk VisualMail integrates your voice mail and fax communications with your e-mail system. Now you can hear your voice mail messages over your multi-media computer and read your faxes and e-mail on your PC screen. AXXESSORY ACD is the AXXESS system's total solution for call distribution and management information. With AXXESSORY Console a receptionist can process a high volume of calls quickly and efficiently. Plus, the AXXESS system supports ISDN for the transmission of voice, data and video.

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