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3Com® NBX® 25 Communications System

The 3Co NBX® 25 Communications System is a voice solution with everything you need to keep your business going—and growing. From sophisticated call handling and call detail reporting (CDR) to integrated voice mail. From caller ID support and multiple multilevel automated attendant to easy adds, moves, and changes. From a built-in local area network (LAN) to Internet access. Plus, it supports up to 25 devices (lines and stations)— with a maximum of 12 analog central office lines. You get it all—and at an affordable price for your small business! 


The NBX 25 system combines voice and data services over a single infrastructure—an Ethernet LAN. This eliminates the need for duplicate cabling networks and related infrastructure expenses—and may save you money. One wire to the desktop connects both phones and PCs. The longer you own the NBX 25 system, the more you’ll save, because you’ll have only one network to operate and maintain. 

One of the biggest benefits of the NBX 25 system is the free LAN you get when it’s installed. Instantly, your entire organization is linked together to share printers and files easily. No more swapping diskettes, wrestling with tangled cables, or buying more printers than you need. The base system includes an 8-port hub card, so from one convenient location you can connect your phones, PCs, and servers. When you need additional scalability, simply add a hub card to your system, or use any number of external hub or switch products on the market to add to your infrastructure. With your LAN in place, you can give everyone in the office shared Internet access*. 

*Additional remote access server, LAN modem, or router required and sold separately. 

Key Features and Benefits 

  Built-in 8-port local area network (LAN) infrastructure 

  Single-wire cabling for voice and data (convergence) 

  Built-in voice mail and automated attendant 

  Support for 1 to 25 nodes (lines and stations) 

  Easy-to-use browser-based Web administration 

  Call detail reporting (CDR) 

  Robust telephony features 

  Call center capabilities 


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