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3Com® NBX® 100 Communications System 
Combining voice and data services over Ethernet LANs

NBX business set and the NBX DSS/BLF attendant console.

The 3Com NBX 100 system features such state-of-the-art voice services as voice mail, auto attendant, Caller ID, conferencing, call forwarding, and speed dialing, as well as free CTI and unified messaging.

Pictured from left to right are the NBX business set and the NBX DSS/BLF attendant console.

The 3Com® NBX® 100 Communications System delivers toll-quality voice communications over your Ethernet LAN. You realize true convergence of voice and data communications. One simplified communications infrastructure pays your organization big dividends with reduced administration, lower cost of ownership, and greater scalability. And a flexible Ethernet architecture enables you to roll out new applications and services for significantly reduced costs compared to traditional telephony offers.

The 3Com NBX 100 system provides the best all-in-one communications solution for small to medium-sized enterprises and branch locations. You get reliable voice and sophisticated call-handling capabilities that leverage existing local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) with end-to-end, standards-based Quality of Service (QoS).

With the 3Com NBX 100 system, end users get the high-fidelity voice and no-compromise reliability they expect, with more powerful services than old-fashioned phone systems provide. For example, view both voice messages and e-mail with unified messaging. Perform on-screen dialing directly from popular contact management applications via TAPI-enabled CTI applications like Outlook. Increase productivity with advanced, built-in features like voice mail, automated attendant, off-site notification delayed ringing, Call Detail Recording, and browser-based administration.

Best of all, you won’t have to buy extra equipment or pay premium prices to enable these enhanced features—they’re all built into the 3Com NBX 100 system. You get the most feature rich and affordable telephone system on the market, combined with the familiarity and scalability of your data network.

The 3Com NBX 100 system provides Y2K compliance, investment protection, and connectivity to both circuit-switched and packet-based networks. 

The 3Com NBX 100 system provides Y2K compliance, investment protection, and connectivity to both circuit-switched and packet-based networks. 

We Make Networks Talk. 

Analog · T1 · IP · Ethernet · QoS · 802.1p/Q · IP TOS · Diffserv · HTTP · SMTP/MIME · TAPI · IMAP4

Analog · T1 · IP · Ethernet · QoS · 802.1p/Q · IP TOS · Diffserv · HTTP · SMTP/MIME · TAPI · IMAP4
  NBX 100 business set, featuring:
  Speaker with mute
  18 programmable buttons
  10 preprogrammed features
  One-touch access to voice mail
  Two-line liquid crystal display
  Built-in Ethernet hub port

Headquarters and Satellite Office Connectivity 

The 3Com NBX 100 system takes immediate advantage of VoIP H.323 services—allowing you to replace tie line facilities between locations by rerouting your intra-company telephone calls over your WAN.

  Leverage your WAN pipe investment by adding real-time telephony and messaging between all locations. 
  Standardize your branch offices on one telephony platform with support for any WAN technology, including ISDN, ATM, Frame Relay, xDSL, and cable modems. The 3Com NBX 100 system even runs over wireless Ethernet networks. 

Small Office/Branch Office and Telecommuter Connectivity 

Dramatically reduce long-distance expenses by extending telephony and messaging services to remote users over existing WAN pipes.

  Remote offices no longer require a dedi-cated PBX. Just plug your 3Com NBX phones into a 3Com router and connect easily to the headquarters’ 3Com NBX 100 system over a WAN or the Internet. 
  Users gain access to the same LAN, telephony, and messaging service resources available to corporate users. 
  Telecommuters connected to headquarters through VPNs can deploy real-time telephony and voice messaging over the same VPN connection. 

Key Benefits 

Scalable. The 3Com NBX 100 system supports a combination of up to 200 central office (CO) lines and stations, including a maximum of 100 CO lines. The system also supports up to 12 auto attendant ports and 80 storage hours for voice mail.

Highest reliability. The 3Com NBX 100 system offers un-compromised reliability based on a distributed DSP architecture and a real-time call control engine.

Toll-quality voice. Provides the high-fidelity voice quality that business users expect.

Easy to install. Simply plug in the telephone, pull up your Web browser, and point-and-click through three easy steps.

Built-in CTI at the desktop. CTI links your PC and telephone. Dial on-screen directly from your customer database or contact list. As the phone rings, the customer record appears on your screen for easy access.

Built-in unified messaging at the desktop. Corporate users and telecommuters can use one inbox for their voice messages and e-mail.

One connection. Simply plug both the 3Com NBX 100 system and your PC(s) into an Ethernet LAN for a single, unified network infrastructure.

Easy administration. Browser-based management enables administrators to handle moves, adds, and changes for any desktop, anywhere on the network.

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